TIBCO provides an event-driven platform that delivers the Two-Second Advantage®, the ability to anticipate the future by having the right information, at the right time, and acting on it preemptively for competitive advantage. Tibco platform helps you to extract value from your most important asset – data, both real-time and historic.

In today’s highly competitive and uncertain marketplace, the most successful organizations are those with a two-second advantage. They first spot new opportunities, best manage risks, and most swiftly react to unforeseen events. Their insights and agility come through the use of visual, self-service analytics, where professionals managing mission-critical departments and global processes have the ability to immediately and intuitively ask questions and get answers from their data—anticipating what’s next, taking quick, educated actions—all from using TIBCO Spotfire®, the next generation of business intelligence.

Industrial-strength MFT for the global

enterprise: Advanced managed fi le transfer (MFT) is an imperative for any organization with information at its core. Whether it’s transferring materials within the walls of your enterprise or outside of it, TIBCO offers the fastest, most economical solution for electronic delivery of large fi les to anyone, anywhere – regardless of platform.

• TIBCO MFT Command Center provides a single point of control from which to manage all fi le transfers, both inside and outside the enterprise, and across all platforms.

• TIBCO MFT Platform Server is the workhorse within MFT and its core strength is multi-platform fi le transfers. The solution supports all platforms from Windows to the Mainframe and provides total security and control for every fi le entering or leaving the enterprise.

• TIBCO MFT Internet Server enables organizations to securely, efficiently, and economically exchange information with complete control through a web service or as a stand-alone application.

As organizations increasingly adopt new technologies and move into an age of mobility, connected devices and the "Internet of Things" — they are in need of purposeful business services that streamline processes and improve awareness among the organization's teams. ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 6.0 provides a single platform to transform big data into fast data, vastly improving business processes across all channels. Using version 6.0's simple, yet powerful model-driven development approach, users can develop, debug, configure and deploy integration processes without having to write any lines of code.

BusinessWorks™ 6.0 offers a productive design environment that enables organizations to act in real time by making data available, reliable, and actionable. The extensive connectivity and openness of ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 6.0 lets users create their own functions and connectors, speeding up and reducing the complexity of integration enabling a great quality of service while keeping the cost of ownership low.